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"I. Can't. Let him do that to you."

Dom: *I don't even know what time it is. I just want more sleep. I slept plenty lastnight and quite soundly might I add, but I want more. I rub at the bruises and open bite marks on my neck, smiling a bit to myself as I walk up the stairs to the flat. Ignoring the cuts and bruises on my wrists I fumble for my keys, pushing the door open.*

Sean: *Something startles me awake, and I jump up, already in a panic before I'm completely awake. I must have dozed off waiting--god, it's morning already, and I didn't hear Dom come in yet. After a moment, though, I realize it was the door that woke me, and turn with relief to see him walking in.* God, Dom, where have you been? *Stupid question, but I just woke up* I tried to call....couldn't you have let us know you wouldn't be back? *As I come closer I suddenly notice your neck--and bitemarks, okay, but those bruises--Jesus.* What happened to you?

Dom: Was at Billy's.... *I yawn, scratching the back of my head.* Sorry, left it here, fell asleep and didn't wake up till a bit ago so I found it pointless to call. *I ignore the last question, avoiding it as much as possible because I know you'll freak.*

Sean: *When you lift your hand I catch a glimpse of your wrist, and my heart starts up doubletime. I reach to catch your arm, bringing down the wrist for better inspection* Dom.... *And there's a little bit of warning now in my tone, because right behind the shock is the anger, coming up slow and steady and soon it's going to take quite a bit of effort to hold back* What happened?

Dom: *I frown and try to pull my arm away, thankful the cuts stopped bleeding.* Nothing. Was tied up for a bit, that's all....

Sean: *I hold fast and lift the other hand to tilt your head back to have a better look at your neck, my breath starting to come faster as I get worked up* Kinky is one thing. This.... *Clenching my jaw for a moment, then taking a few deep breaths* Tell me.

Dom: *I fidget a bit, really nervous now. I've never seen you this mad before, but I really don't know how to say what you want to hear without you flipping out.* Tell you what....?

Sean: *Dropping your arm and looking you in the eye* That isn't nothing. That's something. Tell me. What. Happened.

Dom: Nothing! I asked for kinky and rough and that's what he gave me! We had a safe word and everything, but I didn't want to use it! I liked what he was doing. *I cross my arms over my chests, protectively, worried the cuts will split open and bleed again.*

Sean: *I reach up and brush my fingers over the bruises, my hand trembling slightly* No. No, no, no. *I can feel my throat getting tight, and it's not a good sign, not at all* There is a line. There is a goddamn line, Dom. Those aren't lovebites and the bruises aren't hickeys and I don't even know what the hell you're trying to pass those-- *Short, angry gesture towards his wrists* --off as but no.

Dom: *I flinch and shrink a bit, scared now. It's different with you.* I'm not trying to pass them off as anything. Asked him to tie me up and I pulled a liitle too hard on them.... Sean I'm not lying.... and I never said they were hickeys, stop making it sound like I'm watering this down.

Sean: *I shake my head and just turn away from you for a moment* Okay, fine. Am I overreacting, Dom? You've been gone all night without so much as a phonecall, and you show up looking like that, coming back from staying with the man who made you want to drink yourself to death. Am I fucking overreacting? Tell me I am. It's all right, tell me I'm overreacting, I'll just go take a walk outside and worry about whether I'm going to come home to find Lij screaming and blood all over the carpet. *There are tears in my eyes now, and I have to start pacing to get rid of some of this negative energy before I just explode or something*

Dom: *I don't know how to react, what to say, what to do. I mover to you, reach out to put my hand on your shoulder, puling it away scared before trying again. I can feel tears start to fall down my face but Ignore the, placing a hand on your shoulder.* Sean... please....

Sean: *I stop pacing, take a long breath and hold it, then let it out in a whoosh before I finally turn to look at you again* I'm not going to make you choose, Dom, I'm not going to demand anything, I'm not going to push you, I'm not going to tell you to do whatever makes me the happiest. But I. Can't. Let him do that to you. I can't I can't I can't and I fucking won't because I am not capable of seeing you like this and letting it go. I'm not.

Dom: *Yep, steady flow of cursing, not good. I flinch at your harsh tone and grip to the front of your shirt, watching my hands beause I can't look you in the eye. I swallow hard and actually start to shake.* I'm sorry Sean. I won't ask him to do it again, I promise. I swear I won't, just... please calm down, you're scaring me, I'm sorry....

Sean: *Frustrated when you won't look me in the eye, and still angrier than I've been in who knows how long* I can't calm down! I can't calm down, Dom. I don't care if you asked for it, he was the one who did it. Does he have any idea what things have been like for you in the past few months? I wouldn't have done it, and I know that doesn't mean much because it's me. But Lij wouldn't have done it either. Because we know how things have been. Because we've been here. I'm not saying he doesn't care because I know he does. It's...there's....there is no fucking excuse.

Dom: *I flinch agains and let go of your shirt as your tone gets lounder, tears streaming down my face.* I'm sorru Sean... I'm soo, soo sorry......

Lijah:*Sean's commanding voice is somewhere in the house and it frightens me immensely. I stumble down the hall, rubbing sleep from my eyes.* Sean, what is it? *But my question's answered upon entry. My jaw is floored.*

Dom: *Shit, Lij woke up. I pull away and wrap my arms around myself again backing up against the wall. I don't know what else do do.*

Sean: *I step forward, pulling Dom into my arms as he starts to move back to the wall* Dom...I'm not mad at you. Okay? I'm just mad. *Glancing over my shoulder at Elijah, not even sure what to say...he waited up for awhile with me, last night, and I'm sure he's about as torn as I am. Glad he's home, yeah, but...not the shape he's in*

Lijah:*I'm freaking out at this point because I'm most definitely not getting any answers. Did Sean do that to Dom? No... he couldn't have done that. It's such a bewildering situation.* Okay, what the FUCK is going on right now!? *I step closer, an agressive expression on my face, wishing I didn't always have to ask for everything. That's mostly the lack of sleep, though.*

Dom: *I hiss when Sean pulls me into his arms, wincing a bit, then shrink away as Lij comes over all angry.* I'm sorry....

Sean: *I loosen my hold immediately, suddenly worrying that there are more injuries that we can't see, but don't let go* Dom, don't be sorry. *Sighing and looking over at Elijah* He went to Billy's. They got a little...carried away. Apparently. *Kissing the top of Dom's head*

Lijah:Apparently. *Of course it's evident. Dom's beaten to a complete pulp. I feel awkward just standing there, so I move and take Dom's hand reassuringly, gently running my fingers along the back.* Dom... why did you go back over there? What on earth could you have possibly wanted from him? *My eyes are caring, belying the way I negatively stress him.*

Dom: *I frown a bit and look down, not able to meet eyes again.* This....

Sean: *I sigh again* Lij....leave it go for a minute...

Lijah:I... *I sigh heavily and run out of things to say, but my eyes remain on Dom's face, moving back to Sean's from time to time to share looks of concern and worry.*

Dom: No! He has just as much right to flip out at me as you do. *I pull away from you both and wrap my arms around myself again.* I asked for all of it and it's my own fault if it got out of hand.

Sean: *I sigh* Dom, it isn't your fault. Billy's in control of his actions as much as you are of yours. He doesn't have to do things just becuase you've asked, and.... *Voice wavering slightly, and I take a breath to calm myself* He should know when things have gotten out of hand just as much as you should.

Lijah:*I nod.* Sean's absolutely right... There isn't any excuse for this. He very well could have stopped if he wanted to. He lost control. Not you. I'm sure if you would have said something he wouldn't have let it go this far...

Dom: That's the thing! I didn't! I could have and should have, but didn't. *I sigh. I don't know what to say anymore. I can't explain it, s'pcially want I don't know myself.*

Sean: *I sigh, deeply, repeating myself firmly* This isn't your fault, Dom.

Dom: But it isn't only his!

Lijah:*I'm totally bewildered, so I just do what I know to do; I hug Dom gently, planting a kiss on his earlobe.* Whatever happened... you'll heal, and what's important is that you know there are people who love you.

Sean: *I nod, reaching round to hug them both*

Dom: *I shiver when Lij kisses my ear and lean against Sean.* You guys are evil....

Lijah:You're half right. We're evil lovers. *Smirking against your skin, I nuzzle my head on your shoulder.*

Sean: *I just kiss Dom's hair, the last of the anger draining away. Billy and I are going to have to have a Talk, but I can worry about that later. For now this is more important*

Dom: Can we go lay down? I'm still really tired and my legs are gunna give out on me soon. *I lean more against Sean and pull Lij close.*

Lijah:*Dom's suggestion makes me yawn, as if on cue.* Nnyeah, that sounds like a good idea... I'm exhausted.

Sean: *I support Dom on the way back to the bedroom, and yeah, that does sound good especially after all this. I tuck back the covers, waiting for them to get in bed before climbing in after*

Lijah:*Climbing into the bed next to Sean, I'm sure to kiss him on the neck with a little bit of suction before doing the same to Dom, cuddling up with the both of them, pleasantly warmed.*

Dom: *I crawl into bed slowly, wincing a bit when Lij kisses my neck, but it's soothing all the same.* Goddamn I'm sleepy... No one wak eme for 4 days.

Lijah:*I giggle a bit, my voice rich of exhaust.* Same here...

Sean: *Smiling softly* Then stop talking and sleep already.... *Yawn*

Dom: *I think fast and getup, grab a towel and get back into bed. Don't want any bloody mishaps tonight. I cuddle back in and yawn.* Love you guys...

Lijah:*I'm out like a light, snoring softly, eyes closed and eyebrows raised.*
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