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Dom:: *I've decided to be a good little Dom and bring Billy some house warming gifts. What every new home needs, wine and toilet paper. Takes me a bit to find the place, but when I do, I freeze a little. Just breathe Dom, breathe. I bounce up to the door and ring the bell, hopping up and down.*

Billy:: *The doorbell startles me for a brief moment. My heart starts to pound while I try and convince myself that it isn't Dom. I can't get my hopes up, he never made any promises about coming over right away. I move to the door, open it and I smile widely when I see that familiar form on my front step.*Dom...

Dom:: *I smile and wave sheepishly, holding out my gift.* I come baring gifts!

Billy:: *I laugh* So I see, Come in your geek.*I move aside so you can move past me. I pluck the wine and toilet paper from you.*

Dom:: I am not a geek! *I toss my hair as if it were long enough to look dramatic and walk in further.* Wow Bill! Nice place you got here!

Billy:: Are too*I whisper under my breath as you move past me. I follow you into the living room.*Yeah it is, I really lucked out. So are you going to share this with me?*I motion to the bottle of wine*

Dom:: *I bit my lip and stare longingly at it.* Cut me off when my eyes glaze over?

Billy:: Will do.*I slip into the kitchen, retrieve a couple of glasses and pour us both a glass. I rejoin you in the living room.*So would you like the 3 cent tour?

Dom:: *I nod my thanks when you give me the glass, taking a big gulp. Mmmm missed that taste.* How bout the two cent one and I owe you a penny? *I grin all cheeky.*

Billy:: *I just smile at you*This is my living room, that is the tv and the stereo*I sweep my arm towards the entertainment unit.*The kitchen is in there.*I walk over to the patio doors.*This is my deck, and the backyard. this is also my view of the harbor.

Dom:: *I oooh and aaaah in all the wrong places purposely, jumping and snicker when you move to swat at me.*

Billy:: You bastard*I grab you hand and pull you towards me.* Now tell me you don't love the view.

Dom:: Mmm... I do love the view.... *I smile softly, my eyes never leaving yours once.*

Billy:: *I return your gaze*Me and all.*I lean forward and kiss you softly.*Come on I'll show you the upstairs.

Dom:: *I nod, drinking from my glass as I follow you upstairs, ready for another.*

Billy:: *I take a drink of my wine and pull you towards the stairs.*This is my hallway, and these are my stairs. There are two bedrooms and a great bathroom. I swear you could fit three people in the tub.

Dom:: You know, we may have to test that theory out. *I wiggle a brow.* I wanna see the bedroom! *I bounce.*

Billy:: *I pull you upstairs.*Maybe we should.*I open my bedroom door, thankful I made my bed that morning. I drink the last of my wine and put the glass on my dresser.* This is my bedroom.*I pull you towards me, and kiss you softly.*Like it?

Dom:: *Why I turn into such a woman when I'm around you I'll never know. You tug me over and I melt right against you, kissing you back. I fumble to put the glass down, wrapping my arms around you neck when I do with a sigh, my eyes closed.* I like it very much.

Billy:: Good *I whisper. I kiss you again, harder more demanding, licking your lips so I can slip my tongue into your mouth. I moan softly as I feel myself getting hard. I take your face in my hands and tangle my fingers in your hair.*

Dom:: *I really shouldn't be doing this for more reasons than once, but I feel your fingers in my hair and up the back of my head and I can't control myself. I part my lips with a slight moan, letting you in to plunder, rocking my hips slowly against yours.*

Billy:: *I pull you closer so I can feel you against me. I can feel you getting hard, and I hear you moan. I pull on your hair, my lips grazing your neck. I bite your neck once, sucking slowly and softly on the soft skin. I know it will leave a mark.* Dommie...

Dom:: *An odd mix of a moan and "Yea Bills?" spills from my lips as I cling onto you tighter, my legs threatening to give out on me.*

Billy:: *when I hear you moan again, my bravado fails me. I pull away from you to look you in the eyes.*Is this a good idea?*I run my fingers up and down your arms softly.*

Dom:: *I stare at you wide eyed for a moment, panting.* I don't know... I really don't, but right now, I don't care. *I pull you in again, kissing you hard and hungry. Its official, my libido has taken over and there's no stopping me.*

Billy:: *When you kiss me, I give over to you, let you lead the way. If this is what you want, I'll give it to you. I could never refuse you. I grab the hem of your shirt and work at pulling it off.*Need you Dom...*I move us backwards until I feel you hit the bed.*

Dom:: Ah! *I fall back onto the bed, lifting up to help get my shirt off before yanking you down on me.* Mmm well I'm right here, have me. *I grip at the front of your shirt before ripping it open, buttons flying every where. I give you a dark and very cheeky look.* Just have to make it worth my while....

Billy:: Don't I always?*I drop my mouth to suck on your nipples while shrugging out of my shirt. My fingers unzip you quickly and I pull your jeans off, tossing them into the corner. I encircle your cock with my hand and squeeze it softly. *You are so beautiful Dom...*I flick my tongue across the head of your cock, once then twice before taking you in my mouth, sucking with slow, hard passes. My fingers gripping your hips tightly.*

Dom:: Oh Jesus! *I moan and arch up against you, wanting to thrust in your mouth but you have a good grip on me. I writhe a bit and whimper, opening my legs up so you can settle in more, but this isn't what I want. I struggle with myself because lord have mercy your mouth feels so good.* Nugh! Billy... stop...stop!

Billy:: *When I hear you call my name and say stop, I freeze. I pull off of you and lay down next to you. I brush my fingers against you cheek.*What's wrong?

Dom:: *The moment you lay next to me, my fingers fly to your pants, working to get them off. I tilt my head and run my tongue across your lips, nipping the bottom one.* Don't want that, want you... *I toss your pants away and run my hand over your hip, before grabbing your hands and lacing our fingers together, yanking you down on top of me again.*

Billy:: *I am amazed at the short amount of time it takes you to get me naked and on top of you. With a leg I nudge yours apart so I can lie between them. I grind against you slowly, moving to suck on your neck again. I run my tongue over the dark patch of skin and move slowly down your chest until I can take on of your nipples in my mouth. I suck on it softly, then without warning bite down on it.*

Dom:: *I arch up when you bite me, moaning over how good it feels. I
wiggle a bit, needing more friction as I roll my hips against yours, fingers gripping right
to your hand.*

Billy:: *I push harder against your hips, trapping our erections together. The feel of
you makes me moan, I return my lips to your nipples, tonguing and teasing them until I
hear you whimper. *How do you want this Dom?

Dom:: *I groan and writhe a bit more under you.* God, I don't care! Tie me up, smack me around, doesn't matter s'long as its rough and with the minimum of teasing. *I've never asked for that and what little part of my brain that works hopes you don't get weirded out on me.*

Billy:: *Your voice and words send a shiver through me. This was new. I can't suppress the shiver that goes me. letting go of your hands, I drag my nails down your arms and across your chest.*All right*I bite down on your neck again, leaving teeth marks.*If you want it rough, I can give it to you rough.*I grab your straining erection and squeeze hard. I jerk you roughly. Whatever you want I'll give you, I would never refuse you.*

Dom:: *I cry out when you bite down again, shivering head to two. I gasp sharply when you grab hold of me, jerking hard. My legs open more and then tighten around you again.* Ugh! God, yes!

Billy:: *I fist you roughly, enjoying the reaction. After a few more minutes, I pull away from you.*Stay here I'll be right back.*I slide off the bed and out the door. It doesn't take me long to find the lube in the bathroom. On my way back to you I stop at my dresser. I pull out two silk ties and rejoin you.*

Dom:: *I groan in protest as you slide off. I could have taken it dry and not have given a shit, but at least you still have your head on right. My cock twitches at the sight of the ties and I scramble backwards to get on the bed more.*

Billy:: *I watch you scramble onto the bed and it makes me smile ferally at you.*Lay on the pillows Dom.* I join you on the bed, straddling your stomach. I reach for one of your wrists, tying the tie tight around it. I then tie your wrist to the headboard. I repeat the action with your other wrist. The sight of you spread out like that makes my cock twitch. *Too tight?

Dom:: *I watch as you tie me up and the sight almost makes me lose my nerves. I pull and feel the ties bite into my skin, but it's not tight enough to cut the blood flow to my hands.* S'perfect.

Billy:: Good.*I move further up your body until the head of my cock almost touches your lips*Do you want a safe word?

Dom:: *I reach my tongue out and swipe at your head as best I can with a whimper.* Hobbits.

Billy:: *The brief touch of your tongue makes me shiver.*Hobbits it is then* I take my cock in hand and rub it against your lips. I don't know what has come over me, but I know that I need to see this through.*Suck me Dom, and make it good...

Dom:: *You rub your cock against my lips and my mouth opens on its own. I lick at the head again, tilting my head up and taking you in as best I can at this angel. The taste of you spurs me on, moaning around you as I suck hard, bobbing my head up and down, eyes locked on yours.*

Billy:: *Watching you watching me makes me shudder hard. The warmth of your mouth in intoxicating and I push myself further into it. I use one hand to grab and pull on your hair, while the other takes hold of your erection, squeezing it once before dropping down, my fingers probing you. Without warning, I push two fingers into, waiting for your reaction*So beautiful...oh god Dom...

Dom:: *I suck contently, humming around you. My hips buck up when you grab my cock but it's when you push two fingers in my that I arch completely off the bed, pulling you out of my mouth a bit, only to plunge you back in once I settle.*

Billy:: *Your reaction makes me harder then I thought possible. I push my finger further inside of you, moving them slowly. I know you don't want to be teased, but I can't help myself. I want you to beg. I pull your hair and rock against your mouth.*
Dom:: *I moan desperately around your cock, sucking harder, swirling my tongue before rubbing the underside. I yank at the restraints, moaning again as it burns against my skin. I rock my hips best I can against your fingers, whimpering as my plea. Bastard.*

Billy:: *As much as I am loving you mouth, if I don't stop you I'm going to come and I need to feel myself buried inside of you.*Make me good and wet Dom, I'm going to fuck you so hard you'll scream.

Dom:: *I do just as you say, my heart racing at your words. Once I feel you wet enough I pull my lips away, flicking the head with my tongue. I have this urge to get my ass kicked for some reason, to have things really go so out of hand I have to use that bloody safe word.*

Billy:: *I remove my fingers from inside you, moving slowly down your body. My erection is throbbing and I can't think straight anymore. I roughly pull your legs apart, nudging you with the head of my cock. I can see the bottle of lube on the bed, but I ignore it. You said you wanted it rough. I push it you quickly, the heat of you almost overwhelming me. I grip your hips hard enough to leave bruises. I drop my mouth to your nipple and bite down hard.*

Dom:: *I howl as you push into me, prepared only with spit and precum. I groan and arch against your mouth as you bite, pulling on the ties harder, feeling it burn. I start to rock my hips against you, giving you incentive to go.*

Billy:: *When you scream something comes lose inside of me. I begin to hammer into you relentlessly. I grab your cock and jerk you hard. I suck on your neck again, adding another mark to it. I lean closer to whisper in your ear, never slackening my pace.*do you know something Dom? No matter what happens, part of you will always be mine. Always. I've taken it tonight.

Dom:: *I see stars as you pound into me, feeling it all the way up my back. I want to claw at you but the ties keep me where I am, biting into my skin. Pain at my wrists, pain in my back I love it, I need it.* God Billy, yes.....

Billy:: *the heat between us begins to rise and I don't know how long I can last, but I need too. I dig my fingers in your hips and ride you hard. My forehead falls against yours and I kiss your eyes. My fingers grip and squeeze your cock roughly but I don't care.*All mine*I breathe*

Dom:: *Why my brain does this, I'll never understand. I arch up and strain, gasping hard, my eyes never opening, but the bite in my tongue was pointed deliberately.* But I'm not....

Billy:: *When your words penetrate the haze in my head, I stop completely. I look at you, your eyes still closed but straining under me. I pull out of you slightly, but not completely. I run my fingers down your face and over your neck. In one rough movement I wrap my fingers around your throat and ram myself back into you.*right now you are, you belong to me, no one else.

Dom:: *I gasp as you ram back into me, my whole body shifting upwards. You hands on my throat catch me off guard but for some reason it makes me harder. Tears slide down my temples but it's all for reasons far from what's going on right now.* And when... I go back... *I take in another breath.* them?

Billy:: No not completely, never completely *My fingers flex then squeeze your tighter. I don't know what has come over me. I can see your tears and I still don't stop. I know you are going to have marks everywhere when you go back to them, because I want them to know. I want them to know about us, that I haven't let you go, that I won't ever let you go. That you haven't let me go.*Part of you will always be mine.*I slow my pace, thrusting into you with long deep strokes, rubbing your prostate. I suddenly feel like teasing you again.*

Dom:: *I gasp again, a little scared now but not saying the word. I take in short gaspy breaths as you thrust, moaning a bit and whimpering. I shake every time you push against my spot and I start to feel frustrated. I pull against the ties, taking a deep breath.* No teasing....

Billy:: *I suck on your neck, my fingers still around your throat. I keep up my slow pace jerking you in time.*Beg me...

Dom:: *I growl slightly, testing my limits.* Fuck off...

Billy:: *I give you a quick kiss and move away from you, pulling out completely. I move to sit at the foot of the bed between your feet*If that's what you want...

Dom:: *I go from zero to infuriated in 2 seconds. With a growl I lunge at you to no avail, the ties ripping into my wrists.* You fucking bastard! *I struggle and writhe to get away, for some reason seeing this as rejection.*

Billy:: *I look at you quite calmly.*Yeah maybe, but I've got you tied to the bed.*I lean over you, holding myself up with my hands. I kiss you deeply*Now either use the safe word, or beg me.

Dom:: *It's a tough choice, because I am really pissed but your kiss calms that a bit. I tilt my head, sucking on your bottom lip with a slight pout.* Please Billy..... *My voice is a bit hoarse with reason.* You can't just leave me like this. Please, please.....

Billy:: I could...*I kiss you again, feeling you relax against me. My fingers release you neck and travel up your arms. I run my finger tips over the ties on your wrist.*...but I won't*I kiss you again. I settle myself back between your legs, rubbing the head of my cock against you softly before I push back into you.*

Dom:: *I groan and lift my hips up, giving you way to go deeper. My body is ready to just give out on me but I push on, needing this more than I know.* Oh yes....

Billy:: *I move inside of you, setting a pace that builds slowly. I kiss your face, fingers of one hand running through your hair, the other circles your cock. I know I'm not going to last long.* Oh Dommie...you feel so good...god, so amazing...

Dom:: *I whimper and it doesn't take long for me to come. I buck my hips up against your hand as I spend myself, flopping back down, limp in more way than one.*

Billy:: *Watching you come, sends a shiver down my spine and with a final thrust I come inside you. I fall on top of you, breathing hard. I kiss you one more time*Dom...

Dom:: *I swallow hard and kiss you back, resting my head against yours, panting for air. My fingers have gone numb and I can feel the cuts under the ties. I smile to myself, having gotten what I've been wanting for a while now.* Mmmm....

Billy:: you okay?*I move weakly to undo the ties.*

Dom:: *I nod, letting my arms fall limply as they get untied. I nuzzle nose against your temple, my eyes barely able to keep open.*

Billy:: *I pull you close to me and kiss your forehead*Dom?

Dom:: Hmmm?

Billy:: stay tonight?*I am expecting you to say no, but I need to ask.*just one night, please...

Dom:: *I take a deep breath and nod, feeling to weak to fight against my own better judgment.* Aye.... I'll stay.

Billy:: *I smile when you say you'll stay.*thank you*For some reason I need to have you with me tonight.*Sleepy?

Dom:: Very... *I croak adjusting a bit to get more comfortable, my wrists aching but I can't open my eyes to see them.* Wrists hurt....

Billy:: *I take hold of your wrists. they are marked, covered in small cuts, but they are not bleeding a lot. I kiss them both in turn, my tongue licking the blood off them.*Do you want anything for them?

Dom:: No... just sleep... *I don't say much more, mainly because I've finally passed out, sleeping soundly against your shoulder.*

Billy:: *I pull you close, kissing you softly on the head.* I love you Dom.*I whisper before falling into sleep myself.*
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