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Don't you trust me?

Craig: I'm really not sure where he's got to. *I comment as I sit down at one of the white clothed tables with Scott - my assistant for this convention- and a tray of food. I'm grateful for the break, I've signed my name so many times I think my wrists are ready to lock up, and posed for so many pictures i still seeing flashes in front of my eyes* I'm not sure he could leave here without getting mobbed...but he'll pitch up eventually. *I run my fingers over my mobile in my pocket, contemplating giving him a call*

Scott: He's a big boy, he can take care of himself *I comment as Craig mentions Orlando yet again, sitting down next to him with my own food. And if I'm honest quite glad his little starlet hasn't shown up yet, it's been rather nice having him rely on me today. He's also quite lovely to assist, unlike some of the guests I've been assigned to in the past*

Craig: Hmm. *I set the phone down on the table next to me anyway, keeping an eye on the display, then set about buttering a roll. Bread - but it's not quite five pm yet, I can get away with it.* So how much of an appearance am I expected to put in at the party tonight, would you say? I was thinking of going out later...

Scott: Well, you know--officially you should spend all night there of course, but I don't think you'd get too much of a spanking for going out. *I say with a smirk* What were you thinking of doing? *I reach out to brush a bit of lint from his shoulder and straighten his collar that's managed to get a bit askew. I've been subtle, as I don't want to get myself in trouble...but I've been sort of testing all day. He talks about Orlando all the time, so I haven't been able to figure out if he's it's just he's naturally engaging or might be interested.*

Craig: *I tilt my head back a little as he straightens my collar and smile at him* Thanks sweetheart. And not that I object to the occasional spanking, I just wouldn't want to let anyone down, you know? *I go back to my phone, flicking through the numbers* perhaps I'll stay.

Orli: *I'm running late because of the bloody traffic and the fact I can't simply stride into a hotel full of people expecting to see actors lingering about without some pre-caution, unless I want to be even later. So, it's not the lift I emerge from, but the stairwell. I'm starting to get a bit overheated in my coat, scarf and beanie, but I haven't taken them off yet either. Pretty sure that I have the right floor and that I know where I'm headed. Coming to the conference room, I slip in and scan the room looking for Craig. I spot him easily, I really think I could spot him in the dark, but my eyes narrow as I see the man fussing over him.*

Scott: *I can't help but stare at the column of his throat as he tips his head back, swallowing hard at his words* Well, the spanking doesn't always have to come from management *I quip, eyes moving to his hand as he flips through the phone*

Craig: *I arch an amused eyebrow at him, glancing up as I press dial on my phone...and catching sight of just who I'm after. I disconnect and stand up, although I think he's already seen me.* Hey baby, I was starting to think you'd been kidnapped.

Orli: *I've already started towards them when Craig stands up and maybe it's childish, but hey...I spare the guy who had been fussing over him a pointed look before wrapping myself around Craig and kissing him soundly. I don't think I could have been less subtle had I stated quite loudly "mine!", but I didn't like how he was gazing at Craig. I press my forehead to his when we part, arms wrapped around his neck* Sorry, was doing my best not to get kidnapped.

Scott: *I just manage to hide my scowl at the display. Damnit, I had sort of hoped Orlando would stay missing in action.*

Craig: *I laugh and tug orlando's beanie down over his eyes* So I see. A master of disguise, you are, kitten. Have you met Scott, I don't think you have...he's been absolutely wonderful as my glamourous assistant today.

Orli: *I grumble as he pulls the beanie over my eyes, reaching up to pull it off all together. I reluctantly step back from him so I can actually get out of my coat and scarf as well. I look Scott over carefully* No, we haven't met. *I say after a moment. I know that look he's giving me, but still I take his hand as he rises in greeting, introducing myself--though ti's more formality than from any doubt he knows exactly who I am. That done, I turn back to Craig* But you have me now to assist you! *I beam at him perhaps a little too brightly, then kiss him again*

Scott: *I almost smirk. Almost. I do just manage to contain it though. Does he really find me threatening? That's kind of ...fun.* We were actually just talking about the party for tonight, versus going out.

Craig: Yes angel. Tomorrow you can come and make me coffee and take photographs for people. Just try not to trip over all the girls falling at your feet, alright love? *I click my tongue and shake my head, then nod as Scott interjects* Thats right love, I know we talked about getting dinner...but unless we make it very late...Scott and I must go the the ball, you see. It is part of my contract.

Orli: *I had looked over at Scott when he said 'we', but my attention is on Craig once again when he says we aren't meant to get dinner now, and I barely contain the pout and the question of 'Can't I come?'. I think the Scott and I is what bothers me the most.* Oh. You and Scott. Why didn't you call me and just say not to come then? *Does he look smug? I think he looks smug. Strongly resisting the urge to growl at this Scott at the moment*

Scott: *I try to look as disinterested as possible at this conversation, though I'm sure I'm failing* Don't worry Orlando, I'll look after him.

Craig: He takes good care of me. *I reassure Orli, reaching out to ruffle his hair* Well because I only just decided, and I was hoping you'd stay the night here, anyway.

Orli: *I decide not to point out that if it was in the contract how is it that he's just decided. I scowl a bit, I just bet Scott would want to look after him. I wind myself around Craig again, pressing close* So I get to sit in the hotel room while you go to the ball? You're sure you have to go?

Craig: I'm sure. *I nuzzle against him and sigh* I'd like you to put in an appearance, but I think perhaps if you want to do that, best leave it until the last evening.

Orli: I should be your date to balls, not him. *I'm not speaking loudly, but I don't make a huge effort to keep this Scott from hearing me either*

Scott: *I focus on my food for a moment to keep from smiling at that. He is threatened. I glance at my watch* Speaking of balls, we best hurry a bit here...a few things to do before the ball.

Craig: He's not my date. *I frown at the terminology, shaking my head and lowering my own voice* He's just a temporary escort, so turn those green eyes off. Its hardly a social occasion for me. *I sigh and go back to my own meal* You don't have to stay if you don't want to. I can phone you when i get back to the hotel room tonight and you can come over tomorrow perhaps.

Orli: *I feel kind of foolish just standing there when they've both sat back down to their food and I'm flushing when he calls me jealous because...well, he is right. I do know that I have no intentions of spending the night at the house while he's here, nor do I want to fight* I didn't say I didn't want to stay...

Scott: *I watch this exchange with interest, realising I should probably feel bad. And if asked, of course I would say I felt bad.* It's probably quite a hassle for you isn't it? *I ask Orlando* Having to dodge all the fans and you're not even on the schedule?

Craig: All his own fault for being far too beautiful for his own good. *I tease softly, reaching to twine my fingers with Orli's.*

Orli: *When he takes my hand, I somehow manage to squeeze onto his lap, choosing that over a chair* So...I really can't go with you tonight? *I do ask quietly this time, so only he can hear me* I'll behave. *I manage a wolfish grin, brushing my fingers through his hair, purposely letting my fingers drag over his scalp. When I speak again my lips are near his ear so only he can hear* He fancies you though, trust me I know about these things.

Craig: I think you're being just a little bit paranoid. *I whisper back, feeling strange at keeping Scott out of the conversation when he's right there* I've worked with him all day and he's been fine. Angel if you really want to come I won't stop you, but they don't have the security for you and if something happens...

Orli: *Or maybe you're just too nice, I want to say--but it's part of what I love about him and would probably just seem insulting. I sigh and wrinkle my nose* It would be all my fault, I know. It's okay, I'll be a good boy and stay in my room. *I glance at Scott, and part of me knows I should probably get up and stop making a scene and leave Craig to what he needs to do. I don't move yet though*

Craig: *I nod, sitting back and going back to my meal* Anyway these things are usually terrible, arent they. *I smile at Scott* A disco DJ and tons of young girls full of cheap alcohol.

Orli: All the more reason I should be there to keep you company. *I realise I'm just hindering from eating now, so I reluctantly slide from his lap* I guess I'll go then...

Scott: *I smile* Yes, truly terrible *I tell him, rather glad Orlando isn't going...and I tell myself it's just because I'm not sure I could bear watching them paw at one another all night. Or maybe more accurately Orlando paw at Craig* But I'll do my best to keep him entertained.

Craig: *I tug orli back into my lap and shake my head* Don't you dare. Theres no reason for you to go before I do, and anyway, who else would help me choose my clothes?

Orli: *I bite back the reply that nearly comes, instead letting him pull me back and playing with his hair while he eats, doing my best not to glare daggers at Scott*

and later that night.....

Craig: God, we are late. *I giggle, shaking my head as I slide the card key in the lock and blink into the darkness of the suite. The ball wasn't so bad, largely thanks to a little sneaky pete Scott provided to get us tipsy early on. I've one arm round him now and whisper exaggeratedly* Do you want some coffee before you go? I think Orli must be in bed.

Orli: *I'm laying in bed, but I'm not really asleep when I hear them come in. Trying to be quiet and failing, just like any pair of drunks. The bedroom door isn't completely closed, so I hear the attempt at a whisper when he asks Scott (who else could it be?) to stay for coffee.

Scott: *I'm tipsy, though not as tipsy as Craig. I let him lean against me, helping him into the room. When he invites me to stay, well how could I say no?* Sure mate, I'd love to.

Craig: I'm exhausted. *I confide with a wide smile, leaning heavily on scott as I flick on the main lights, then breaking away from him towards the kitchen* God I am. They'll be complaining about the bags under my eyes tomorrow.

Scott: *I follow him as he moves into the kitchen, standing close behind him--too close, but knowing I can blame it on alcohol and misjudging of distance if it comes down to it* Well, it has been a long day. I'm sure you'll be just as stunning with the bags *I tease lightly*

Orli: *I hear muffled conversation as they move out of the main room of the sweet. I'm only wearing a pair of oversized flannel pajama pants, so I look around for my t-shirt and pull it on. I slip out of the bedroom quietly, peaking into the kitchen but not announcing my presence yet*

Craig: *I laugh, turning to get the sugar and bumping into him, not having noticed he was right there.* Ooops. *Shaking my head I squeeze past him* Are you kidding? Darling, I'll be frightening small children.

Scott: I don't think you could ever frighten small children *I nearly purr*

Orli: *My eyes narrow. Oooh...and does Craig still think I'm paranoid? He probably does. He's also drunk. I'm not inclined to stand here silently and watch any longer though* Is this a private party? *I inquire*

Craig: I'm worse than the wicked witch of the....baby! *I grin and spin round, forgetting the sugar still in my hard and letting it spill as I lean across the counter towards him* I thought you'd given up on me and fallen asleep kitten, we didn't wake you did we?

Orli: *I take the sugar from Craig before it can all end up on the floor. I don't point out that he didn't check, forcing a smile, my gaze sliding to Scott for a moment, still standing too close to my husband for my tastes* No, I was awake, waiting on you.

Scott: *He certainly is a territorial little breat, but who can blame him. I meet his little glare with a cheeky smile, not quite a smirk* Craig was nice enough to invite me in for a drink.

Craig: Mmm, yes. *I give Scott a winning smile for reminding me* Would you like coffee, dear? I think that's my sugar...*I look over to where the sugar used to be to confirm this, and nod* Yes, my sugar.

Orli: *I offer him the sugar back now that he's focused on it, but shake my head* No coffee, but I'd like you to come to bed...

Scott: *And I'll just pretend that wasn't a non too subtle hint telling me he'd rather I get the hell out. I knew that before he said anything. I lean against the corner, letting my eyes linger on Craig for a moment before smiling at Orlando*

Craig: *I tap his nose and almost spill the sugar again.* We have a guest. *I remind him, turning and edging past Scott to get back to the coffee, then grinning wickedly at Scott* Want to make this coffee irish?

Orli: And you had a date with me after the ball *I counter as he turns away. My jaw sets at the grin they exchange, and it's a strange role reversal with my next words* I think you've had enough to drink, don't you have to be up early? *I blink at my own words, but really I just want Scott gone. I move around to where Craig is, making sure to get myself between him and Scott, who is standing closer than I feel like he should be* Scott's your trusty assitant right? He'll understand you need to rest for tomorrow... *I can't keep the sarcasm from trusty assistant as I say it, pressing up against Craig*

Scott: *I had just started to edge closer, liking this game now, when Orlando is there and between us*

Craig: *I smile at Scott over orlando's shoulder as I wrap my arms around my husband tiredly, too drunk to argue with anyone* You understand that i have to rest, don't you baby? I mean Scott. *I giggle and pull back, kissing Orli's nose* You're baby. I'm getting confused.

Orli: Damn right I'm baby *I growl softly, then kiss him. Let there be no mistake about that right now. Hell, maybe I am being paranoid, but I don't care. I turn in Craig's arms to face Scott, my eyes narrowed* Thanks for seeing him home *And let me tell you, that takes effort* It is late though and I've got it from here.

Craig: *I reach for the half made coffee and give the cup to scott apologetically* You can keep this.

Scott: *I look at them for a moment. Eh, oh well...it was a fun night, best leave it as it is until tomorrow before I really get Orlando up in arms. I'm not sure I'm for instigating a full fledged fight--between myself and Orlando or Orlando and Craig. I shake my head with a smile at the offered cup though* That's alright mate. Thanks anyway, maybe another time.

Orli: *I just want to tell him to get out, but I'm quiet as they say their goodbyes, though my arms are still very firmly around Craig and that's not changing anytime soon*

Craig: *I play gently with Orli's curls as I wave Scott goodbye, then lean my had against his and close my eyes* I think I'm drunk.

Orli: *I don't fully relax until Scott has gone, then I turn my full attention on Craig* You're very drunk *I confirm* I can't remember the last time I saw you well and properly drunk... *It's hard, but I have to ask* Did you have a nice time tonight? I was beginning to think you weren't coming home...

Craig: I think the drink helped the nice time, thank god for Scott. *I giggle into Orli's neck* Not at home, anyway. I love you...

Orli: I don't like him. *I state firmly, running my fingers through his hair* And you know what I mean, I just thought... *I stop* I love you too. We should go to bed.

Craig: He's sweet. *I take Orli's hand and head for the bedroom* He's a nice bloke. And you have got nothing to be worried about, angel, not one thing.

Orli: *I let him lead me towards the bedroom, watching as he walks rather unsteady* Right...and he wants you. *I state again* I don't trust him.

Craig: don't you trust me? *i ask softly*

Orli: Of course I trust you, doesn't mean I have to trust him. *I tug him into the bedroom and sit him down on the bed so I can start undressing him* If I didn't trust you, I'd be really upset right now, but I just don't like him. *I get his shoes off and then rest my arms on his knees looking up at him* You know I trust you.

Craig: But then I don't understand....*I flop over and look at him sideways* hundreds of thousands of millions of people want you, you know. Maybe he wants you...

Orli: I know... *I stretch out next to him on the bed* but I haven't spent all day with them fawning over me and catering to every need *I hold up a hand* I know, it's his job...but he was just...the way he looked at you and stuff, and touched you. That part is my job. *I reach out to run my fingers through his hair* And I just didn't expect him here I guess, tonight.

Craig: *I sigh, not really coherent enough to discuss this now, and curl up next t him* mmm. I love you, though. very very very so much.

Orli: *When he sighs I draw him into my arms, nuzzling against him* I know you do. You know though... *I break off, pressing a kiss into his hair* Nevermind. Come on, get undressed and get into bed properly, I won't send you out of here like a zombie in the morning to face your adoring public.
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