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It hates me, or I hate it, or ....something...

OOC: Okay, so this took place...well, not today. Maybe a week or two ago? I really thought I had posted it *coughs* um...yeah. So...

Orli: *I stare reproachfully at the semi-shaped mound of clay. Either I'm really really out of practice, or I'm starting to remember why I ever stopped doing this in the first place. I suck. Not that I ever thought I was an artist like Viggo or anything, but...yeah. I've been out here for a few hours now--the first time I've been out here for this long, having spent the last few weeks getting everything set up in here more than actually working on anything. I sigh and mutter under my breath, reaching for the clay to totally dismantle what I had been attempting--which I'm not even sure of at this point--reshaping it into a formless mound to start over. It must be around lunchtime now, since I came out when I first woke up*

Craig: *I shake Loki off my trouserleg, letting him out with me and I head into the garden, a plate with a double layer of sandwiches in one hand, two bottles of soda in the crook of the other arm, all carefully balanced despite the dogs best efforts as I head over to Orlando's studio, deciding to knock rather than just barging my way in, in case he's in the middle of something delicate*

Orli: *I look up when Craig knocks, giving the mound of clay another little glare before going over to open the door. I smile at him when I see the sandwiches* Hey...so it is lunch time already huh? *Loki immediately runs inside as soon as the door is open, exploring the studio like he does every time he gets inside.*

Craig: Oh, you're losing track of time? Does that mean you're having fun? *I eye the beaten up mound of goo behind him suspiciously.* Yes I thought we could share a working lunch, I've got a couple of offers to read and it seems peaceful enough out here.

Orli: It hates me, or I hate it, or ....something *I lean forward to kiss his lips lightly, then move over to the little sink to wash my hands so that we can eat. I look over my shoulder as I talk* Offers? For movies or something else? Back in New Zealand? And I suppose it is peaceful, unless you count me cursing at the clay.

Craig: How could anything hate you, love? *I go over to the window seat, settling in on th beanbags and balancing the plate carefully as I put the drinks down* Hm, one script, yes, back home, and a couple of conventions in your fair land to consider.

Orli: *I stick my tongue out at him as I dry my hands off and go join him at the window. I sit cross legged and reach for one of the sandwiches* Conventions? That could be...fun. Are you ready to do that? I mean...the script, ready to go back to New Zealand?

Craig: I have no idea if it's even any good yet, darling, and it's only a pilot, so even if I do, it won't be for long. *I take a triangle of sandwich and nibble at one corner* Just let me feel a little bit useful here, alright?

Orli: I wasn't trying to keep you from feeling useful, I was just wondering...and I'd go with you. Unless you wanted to go alone. And you're useful, script or no script, you know that.

Craig: Theres not really much for me to do. My innate laziness should be rejoicing but...maybe I should find a project. God, I sound like one of those dreadful elderly rich women, needing little causes and projects to keep them entertained. Pardon me while I polish my pearls.

Orli: *I cock my head to the side watching him* You have pearls? *I tease* But seriously...are you unhappy here? Not with me, but just here...in general? *I take a bite of my sandwich, chewing thoughtfully and watching him*

Craig: Not at all. Just adjusting to what you do when you don't actually need to work.

Orli: *I nod a bit* I should probably though--part of me misses the craziness of going here there and everywhere, but I've always just sort of been enjoying this...you know? Just doing the married couple thing. It's not been so bad, yeah? *I smile*

Craig: Not bad at all. *Finishing my part of the sandwich, I edge closer and lean against him* It's just an unusual situation for me, I suppose. I've no reason to work for money, so I can pick and choose what I do, but at the same time I've not got a fortune, the bulk of our money is yours, so I have to do things here and there in order to keep up.

Orli: *I wrap my arms around Craig and hug him, pressing a kiss into his neck* You only have to keep up if you want to, you know. I've got a couple of things I need to read through, if I can just bring my attention span in long enough to do it. *I giggle softly* but if you want to go back to New Zealand to do something, then we'll go back to New Zealand.

Craig: No darling, I have to keep up so I've got some money of my own to spend, I wouldn't dip into yours for anything other than the large shared expenses like housing and travel. *I twist a curl around my finger and tug lightly* Now if I were a millionaire movie star, I think I might invest in the right production and get myself some producing credits. But as I'm just a pampered toyboy, I think I'll be heading out to these conventions to be adored by the masses.

Orli: *I growl playfully when he tugs at my curls* But it's yours too, it's not just mine. Wasn't that the whole point of that little thing we did last May? *I poke him lightly in the side, though I do understand what he's saying too.* I had considered it, the producing thing, I mean. *I tickle instead of poking him then* You aren't a toyboy, and you pamper me more than I pamper you I think. *I kiss his nose* You do well at the Cons, the masses do indeed adore you.

Craig: Oh yes, whats mine is yours whats yours is mine. It just wouldn't feel quite right to me, and as someone once said that was why I was with you, I'd like to prove them wrong. You know with a past like mine it would be too easy to just stay with someone for the money. Thats what I mean about it being a curious situation. I'm rich enough not to need to work unless I want to, but my earnings are less now than they have been in a couple of years, so I actually feel I have less to spend. *I wrinkle my nose as he kisses it* The cons feel like something akin to daylight robbery, but they more than make ends meet, I'll agree.

Orli: But you don't...stay with me just for the money. And he is wrong, and we both know it. That's what matters isn't it? Sometimes I do wonder why the hell you put up with me, but I never once thought it was for any thing having to do with the money. *I giggle when he wrinkles his nose* Hey, they know they are being daylight robbed, so it's okay I guess. You're always so entertaining at them. I think you should look into a new career--some kind of standup routine maybe. *I go back to nibbling on the remainder of the sandwich*

Craig: *I snort, stealing a bite from his sandwich, then wrapping my arms round him* I used to do something simillar, for charity, Comedy debates, back in Zid. That was a good laugh, I should dig out the videos.

Orli: *I make an indignant sound when he steals a bite, then snuggle against him giggling* I know. You're very funny...sometimes even when you mean to be *I can't help teasing him* But then again you really are just perfect aren't you? So of course you're good at that...*I tickle his stomach*

Craig: Practically perfect in every way. I'm a regular Mary Poppins, thats me. *I let him tickle me, wriggling a little but not attacking back, he gets much more indignant about it than I do* I love you.

Orli: I know you do, I don't know why but I know that you do. And it's keeps me sane *I stop tickling to nuzzle against him* Mary Poppins, does that mean you'll wear the outfit and have the bag that you can pull anything out of? That could be useful, a bag like that. *I trail my fingers over his stomach lightly, not tickling just caressing* Hmm...you say practically perfect, but I say totally perfect, for me anyway. You won't stop me from being all sappy will you?

Craig: You just want me in a tight little starched black dress. *I snuggle him up against me and press kisses to his curls* No so long as you don't stop me, kitten.

Orli: What if I did? Does that mean you'll be going out to buy one to wear for me? Because I think that could be amusing, though I get to take pictures if you do. *I smile up at him* I wouldn't dream of stopping you. And you know... *I bat my eyelashes at him* We still haven't christened the studio....
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