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Billy and Dom

Dom::: *The sun beaming in through the window wakes
me up and good god am I stiff. I pull the blanket over my
head and turn towards the warm body next to me. It takes me
a second to figure out who's next to me, but that familiar
smell that scream out Billy reminds me, making me smile a
bit as I cuddle back to sleep.*

Billy::: *I wake when I feel you turn towards me. I
tighten my arm around you and I kiss you softly on the
forehead. It feels good to have you back in my arms. I pull
you closer, molding myself to your body. I can feel myself
getting hard, again, but I ignore it.*

Dom::: Mmmm... make the light go away.... *My voice
is all scratchy with sleep and the events from the night
before. I burrow closer down, feeling cold.*

Billy::: *I snap my fingers a couple of times.*Go*I try a couple more times and giggle when nothing
happens.*Sorry Dom, I tried. *I hold you tighter.*Morning

Dom::: *I grumble at both things, nudging my head
under your arm.* No morning, back to sleep....

Billy::: okay not morning*I roll into you, spooning
your back, my fingers trailing across your stomach. My gaze
travels over your body, the marks from last night standing
out in the morning sun. I cringe a little bit but remind
myself that you wanted it.*

Dom::: *I lean back against you and hum, your fingers
feeling good.* How much would I have to pay you for a
massage? *I smile and link my fingers with yours.*

Billy::: Hmmm, I don't know...what is it worth to
you?*I squeeze you hand gently and kiss your neck right
under your ear.*

Dom::: *I wince a bit and hiss.* My entire net worth?
*I try going all puppy eyed.* Pweeeeease?

Billy::: Including the cheesecake?*I kiss you again
and whisper in your ear*Turn over Dom...

Dom::: *I painfully turn over with a grunt and
stretch my arms out above my head with another grunt.* I
don't care as long as I get a massage....

Billy::: *Once you turn over, I settle myself over
your lower back. I run my hands up your spine, and very
slowly begin to need your neck.*How's that?*I rock myself
against you, moaning softly as I become harder. I do my best
to ignore my growing erection and continue to massage your
neck and shoulders.*

Dom::: *I hiss again and shift.* Oooh shoulders and
lower back most, stay away from the neck, hurts too much. *I
can feel you get hard and I find myself for the first time
in my life not wanting any.*

Billy::: All right...*I concentrate on your shoulders
before moving down your back. I move myself and settle again
over your thighs. I know you can feel the head of my cock
nudge against you, but I still don't say anything, I just
continue massaging you. Leaning forward I kiss your back
between your shoulder blades before starting to work on your
lower back.*

Dom::: *I groan and sigh.* God that feels better....
Ooooh! *I make a noise as something pops and sigh again.*
Ooooh yea...

Billy::: *I smile at the noises you make. I continue
working on your back, kissing your neck again.*More?

Dom::: Can you get my legs? I bloody ache all over.
*Honest words, though the stiffness is going away.* I thik I
need a soak in that tub of yours as well....

Billy::: Whatever you want.*I move again to face your
feet. Starting at the top of one thigh, I work my way down,
working any kinks out. On my way back up, I trail a finger
across your scrotum and up your cleft. I repeat the massage
on the other leg.* You can have a bath while I make

Dom::: *I don't even flinch as you pass a finger over
me and that worries me. Hope we didn't break it.* That's if
I can move. *I chuckle a bit.* Imagine if we broke me? Sean
and Lij would flip.

Billy::: *Maybe they would need to find their own
I think, but I don't say anything.*They probably
would, its need like we can just run out to the store and
get a replacement Dom.*I laugh softly* Do you feel broken?8I
run my hands up both of your legs.*You don't feel broken to

Dom::: Mmmm, I'm sure the three of you cold replace
me just fine... *I yawn a bit.* Want me to answer that

Billy::: We could never replace you*I whisper
softly.*rolling off you, I lay back down so I can look you
in the eye*Only if you want too.

Dom::: *I let my eyes look down, away from yours.* I
feel very broken... like million pieces broken. Think we
over did it last night...

Billy::: *I can't say I'm surprised that one of us
mentioned the pervious night. I am surprised it was you,
kinda thought I would break and say something first. I look
down your body, noticing how it looks broken and bruised. I
don't say anything but when I was massaging your legs I saw
the dried blood on your thighs, between your cheeks. maybe
we did take it too far.*Do you regret it?

Dom::: A little... *I trail off and close my eyes.*
Only thing I would have changed was to have gone a little
slower. Was good though! *I press my forehead against your
shoulder.* M'tired.... my limbs feel heavy.

Billy::: *I smile sadly. Reaching out, I take your
chin in my hand and gently raise your head so I can see your
eyes.*If you're tired, sleep, love.*I look over your
shoulder at the clock on the night stand. 6 am, the joys of
east facing windows and early morning sunrises.*It's still

Dom::: Mmmm, should get up... wanna soak in the tub.
*I move to get up but it doesn’t work, I feel oddly weak.*
Plus breakfast sounds good! Help me up.

Billy::: *I slide off the bed, taking your hand,
pulling you up with me.*Come on you lazy bastard.*I pull you
towards the bathroom.*What do you want for breakfast?

Dom::: *I stumble a bit and squeak.* Those good
scrambled eggs you used to make! *I hold onto your shoulder
tight without knowing.* And I am not lazy!

Billy::: Sure you aren't. How many times have I had
to pull your lazy ass out of bed while we were filming?*I
sit you down on the edge of the tub.*I'm going to start
breakfast. Will you be okay on your own?

Dom::: That's different! I was exhausted, not lazy!
*I ease my way down and look up at you.* Billy, I'll fine,
I'm just achy. *I shoo you away.* Go, my tummy is rumbling.
*I smile.*

Billy::: Fine I know where I’m not wanted*I sniff
overdramaticly*Scrambled eggs coming up.*I kiss you softly
before walking out of the bathroom.*

Dom::: *I fill the tub up with water as hot as I an
stand it. Easing in I groan till I lean back. Truth is I eel
like I've been hit by a truck! I reach for the soak and
start cleaning myself up, washing the dried blood off my
wrists, making sure the cuts aren't too bad. Once I'm done I
lean back with a yawn and close my eyes, warm towel over my
face and just soak. The plan is to either melt away like
butter or be as wrinkled as a 98 year old.*

Billy::: *Before venturing to the kitchen, I slip
into the bedroom looking for a pair of boxers. I lean
heavily against the dresser as images of the night before go
flashing through my head. The heat and near violence of it.
I don't know what came over me, and it shakes me up as I can
feel myself getting hard as I remember how you looked
writhing under me, straining at your bindings. I take myself
in hand, quickly and roughly fisting myself, ashamed that
you are just on the other side of the wall. When I come I
bite down on my tongue to keep from calling out. I quickly
clean myself up, slip into the boxers and downstairs,
embarrassed by what I just did.*

Dom::: * The water is perfect! I actually fall asleep
in the tub, but luckily my head landed on the edge of the
tub rather than going under. *

Billy::: *I make breakfast on autopilot, all the time
thinking about us and what happened. You say that you
enjoyed it, so why can't I just trust that? I figure I'm
dwelling on this too much when I burn the toast.*Dom,
breakfast is ready*I call upstairs. When you don't answer, I
make my way back to the bathroom.*Hey Dom, did you hear me?

Dom::: *I'm out like a light, having some weirdo
dream about a penguin and an emu playing cricket.*

Billy::*pushing the bathroom door open I see you fast
asleep in the tub. I gently shake you awake.*Hey Dom,
breakfast is ready.

Dom::: *I flail and for some very gross reason my
body reacts like that of a squid and a stream of blood comes
shooting out of my bum, tinting the water.* It's it my turn
to pitch already?

Billy::: You're dreaming babe.*I squeeze your arm
softly.*You okay?

Dom::: *I blink and find the towel still on my face,
so I pull it off.* Yea, just nodded off- *I cut myself off,
my eyes widening at the color of the water. I jump out of
the tub and not only nearly kill myself by slipping and
sliding everywhere, but also practically climbing you like a
tree as I stare of the water.* What happened?! What

Billy::: *I wrap my arms around you, partly to stop
you from falling and partly to have you near.*You're
bleeding. It happened last night. I should have never taken
you dry. You'll heal in a couple of days.*I hate the way my
voice sounds so clinical. I kiss you.*I'm sorry.

Dom::: *I shake my head, still staring, eyes wide.*
What have I done now.... *I scramble backwards, still
spooked out. I grab a towel and wrap it around my waist,
moving to the bedroom as best I can. I don't know what I'm
doing, but my damn pants are part of the plan, so I go
searching for those.*

Billy::: *I follow you into the bedroom, and watch
you with a puzzled expression.*Dom, what is it?

Dom::: *I'm still shaking my head, grabbing my
jeans.* This isn't good, this is NOT good! Fuck! *I move
past you again, back to the loo for something to keep me
from bleeding onto my jeans.*

Billy::: *I follow you back to the bathroom.*I'm
sorry...Dom talk to me.

Dom::: What is there to talk about?! I'm sick to
death with talking! Look at me Billy! Look at what I let
happen! What person in their right mind let's this happen!?
*I set myself up and pull my jeans on, shaking like a bloody

Billy::: *I take a long look at you. The bruises and
marks. I can see you shaking and I have no idea what to do
or say. I sigh softly* You aren't in your right mind Dom,
you haven't been for a long time.

Dom::: *I narrow my eyes a bit.* No, really?! If you
knew that so bloody well why'd go through with it? Why not
stop me? *I push past and grab my shirt, pulling it over my
head.* Or was that another mommy and daddy issue you felt
you needed to take out on me as well?

Billy::: *Before I can stop myself I slap you hard
across the cheek. I can feel the anger boiling up inside of
me.*Don't you dare talk about my parents like that.*My voice
is hard, just like my eyes.* I do believe last night was
your idea. And you weren't complaining about it last night.

Dom::: *I stumble back a bit and hold my cheek. Fuck
that hurt!* So it's all right for you to use them against
me, but I can't call you up on the fact you have no
fucking balls because of it! *I shove you away and look for
my keys.* Sodding piece of shit, I should be fucking
committed for thinking you changed. And where it was
my idea, if you cared so fucking much and knew I'm fucked in
the head you should have stopped it before it started! So
don't you fucking dare pin this only on me to make yourself
feel better like you always do when you fuck up!

Billy::: *I grab you and push you hard against a
wall.*So this is all my fault. Just because I was trying to
give you what you wanted, because I can never refuse you
anything. Do you think I'm happy about all this? Do you
think I get a thrill out of seeing you in pain? .*I shake
you hard enough so your head hits the wall.*Is that really
what you think? You aren't blameless in this either you

Dom::: *I wince as I hit the wall, too bloody weak to
fight you off. You shake me around, my head cracks against
the wall and I see black for a split second.* Did I say it
wasn't?! I think you do get a thrill because you keep
fucking doing it! *My voice sounds strangled but trying to
keep an edge of anger and force, my body slumping a bit.*

Billy::: Would you rather I just stopped? Run away
like I always did?*I keep you pinned against the wall.*I
hate seeing you in pain. what do I have to do to prove it.?

Dom::: Stop trying to break my back on the wall would
be a good start....

Billy::: *I let you go and take a step away from you.
I can feel the anger leaving my body leaving behind only
coldness and fear.*

Dom::: *I drop to the floor on my knees and try to
collect myself, staying still till the pain subsides.*

Billy::: *I watch you slump to the floor, and I join
you. I touch your arm softly*We've really made a mess of
things, havn't we?

Dom::: *I flinch away from your hand, not sure if
it's cuz I'm afraid, or it hurts to much to be touched.*
Just a bit...

Billy::: *when you flich to my touch my heart thinks
alittle. I've made a mess of things. I shift away from you
slightly.* So, what do we do now?

Dom::: I don't know.... Figure out a way to get me
home before they call the police searching for my dead body?
*God that sounds horrible.*

Billy::: Do you want me to drive you, or would you
rather take a cab?

Dom::: Doesn't matter... should prolly go to a doctor
later in the day as well... *I'm really making no move to
get up.* In a little bit...too tired. *Or weak, but I won't
say it.*

Billy::: Do you want to lie down for a bit? It's
still really early.

Dom::: *I nod, still trying to get up.* Just for

Billy::: *I put an arm around your shoulder and pull
you up with me *Come on then.*I help you in to the bedroom.
Flicking the duvet up to cover the bloodstains on the
sheets. I didn't want you to get more upset.*

Dom::: *I flop down against the bed with a hiss,
gripping the sheets.* Oooh too fast.... *I lie limp for a
bit.* Billy....

Billy::: yeah...

Dom::: Stay with me? Keep me warm? *Despite all the
yelling and... other things, my voice comes out soft and
scared, like you're going to leave me again.*

Billy::: Of course I will.*I join you on the bed,
pulling you into my arms. I kiss your temple softly.*Dom...

Dom::: *I groan a bit then settle.* Hmm?

Billy::: I'm sorry. For everything I've ever done ,
I'm sorry.

Dom::: I know... *I'd pat your arm 'cept I can't move
my own.* I know...

Billy::: I love you.

Dom::: *I nod and drift off, feeling like I've been
pushed off a cliff and I've finally hit bottom.*

Billy::: *I hold you close as you sleep, trying to
fight back the tears that threaten to fall. I kiss you
softly*I will always love you.
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