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A bit like a scene from the wizard of Oz, this. Lets just hope it doesn't land on any witches

OOC: This took place on January 13th obviously, for Orli's birthday. Between some real life issues for the muns and a busy last few days, I'm just now getting a chance to put it up!

Orli: *I see Joel, Oliver and Michael off with Sam--though I'm not sure who I feel more sorry for--apparently she's agreed to entertain them for the rest of the day at Craig's request, though I still don't know what he's planning. It's my birthday though, so I'm excited. We did the family thing (mostly) already with Sam and Craig's mates, and we'll be going to Kent tomorrow probably to see mum (I haven't been there in too long anyway, and I really have little excuse now days...but I'm finally feeling better at least. Thank god). Once they are out the door, I turn to Craig and bounce a bit* Wellllll?

Craig: Well what? *I smile innocently at him and wander through into the kitchen, turning the kettle on and getting out a couple of mugs* Tea?

Orli: *I follow after him, much like Loki does, though I promise I can be ten times more annoying* What do you mean well what? *I tug at his arm* No I don't want tea! Well...maybe I want tea--but you know what I want! Why'd you have me send 'em away if it's just tea?

Craig: I thought we could have a nice peaceful cuppa together, just you and me. Isn't that nice? It's been a while, afterall.

Orli: Craig Parker! *I exclaim, ready to pounce him and tickle it out of him--though granted, compared to how my birthday went last year, a nice peaceful cuppa would be welcomed*

Craig: Hush. *I press a finger to my lips then hand him his cup* Take your tea. *leaving mine, I go out into the hallway and come back with his coat and scarf. Im not taking any chances on him making his cold worse. I go to dress him* Stand still.

Orli: *I nip at his finger as he presses it to my lips but take my cup and shush as he instructs. I watch him curiously as he comes out with my coat and scarf, raising an eyebrow.* I'm not a child *Purposely sounding petulent as I say it, and trying not to giggle. I sit my cup down so it's not jarred as he dresses me*

Craig: No, of course not. *I pull on a wooly hat as a finishing touch and pat his sweet little head* Now. Picnic in the garden?

Orli: *I stick my tongue out at him as he pats my head* A picnic? Oooh...yeah... *I smile* I can't believe you're condoning me running around outside... *I giggle* But don't you need a coat too? I'm still not convinced you won't get what I had..

Craig: I'll grab mine on the way out. *I pat his backside to shoo him onward* Now come on, there's not much time.

Orli: Not much time? *I inquire, looking over my shoulder as I head for the door, Loki bouncing around my feet* We're on a schedule or something?

Craig: Yes, yes we are. *I grab Loki and haul him back inside* Not you, sorry. *Outside, several burly strangers stand at the end of the garden making overexagerrated arm movements*

Orli: Aww, poor puppy *I say as Craig makes him go back inside, having not seen what waits at the end of the garden yet. When I turn around, I stop short* Umm...Craig?

Craig: Yes? *Some of the men are yelling things at the sky now. Directions mainly. I lead Orli over to the bench where we can watch them, looking as innocent as I can* You didnt want an abstract outdoor sex show for your birthday?

Orli: *I let him pull me along, still not quite sure what to make of all this. I finally tear my eyes away from them to look at Craig once we're seated* Well, unless we're the one having the abstract outdoor sex....

Craig: You want me to ask them to watch? *I question, and almost on cue two of the men run forward towards us, as a dark shadow falls over the garden*

Orli: *I blink as they run forward, looking up at them for a moment, still confused* Here I thought you weren't that much of an exhibitionist... *I comment* Though I get this feeling you won't let me strip naked after making me bundle up...

Craig: *I ignore his comments, looking up.* A bit like a scene from the wizard of Oz, this. Lets just hope it doesn't land on any witches.

Orli: *I look up at the sky, eyes widening a bit at the...building...being lowered. It takes me a moment to reply to Craig, though my eyes don't leave the crane* Well, if it's a wicked witch, I suppose that's not bad... *I finally look at him* Not sure I understand?

Craig: There was no room in the house, and I wanted you to have a studio. Somewhere you could make a nice mess with clay and paint if you wanted to. These are called outdoor studios, they have lights and electrics, the works. Fancy sheds, I call them.

Orli: A studio? *I look at the little building again, then back to Craig. Finally, I squeal and throw my arms around his neck* Really? Like a really real studio?

Craig: No, love. A pretend studio. Go and touch it, it's made out of gingerbread and marshmallow. *I click my tongue and smile, watching them set it in place* Yes. I have supplies ordered too, but they won't arrive until this is set up.

Orli: Well you know, a gingerbread and marshmallow studio could be fun too *I giggle softly, still holding tightly onto his neck, though I cover his face with kisses now* This is so cool! *I bounce off of his lap then, intending to go up and touch it, even if it's not gingerbread*

Craig: I think leaving you around anything that sugary would be a disaster, myself. *I follow him up the garden, letting him poke and prod while I check that everything is done, one of the men giving me the keys to the door. A couple more are inside setting up the plumbing and electrics, already worked into the ground while Orli was sick in bed.*

Orli: *And poke and prod I do, pestering--though I would never call it that--the men remaining with questions, some relevant and some not, just chattering. Then I'm back at Craig's side again, pouncing him and kissing him soundly* can we go inside now? Please?

Craig: As everything seems to be done and dusted, I don't see why not. *I dangle the keys above him, although of course the door is open* I've bought some basic supplies for you, they should arrive soon, but you'll have to decide how you want to decorate.

Orli: It's not as if I needed it dusted *I reach for the keys as he dangles them* Now, don't be evil! *I tell him, sticking out my tongue, then smile when he mentions decorating* Oh, I'm sure I can come up with something--and you were quite good at decorating the house, so I'm sure you'll give me your input won't you? *I lean forward and nip his lips, then manage to liberate the keys* However, out here--I don't get vetoed! *I giggle again then turn to the studio, only to find it was in fact unlocked. Pocketing the keys, I go inside to wander around...still not believing this is my birthday present*

Craig: Oh no, no veto at all. You can paint it puce and plum with a lime green carpet if you want, darling, just don't expect me to come and watch you work. *I wink and look around myself* I suppose you could make a mural...

Orli: Well, yes--if drawing were my strong point, which it is not. *I turn back around to him and cross my arms over my chest with a mock stern look* No matter what colour I paint it you will watch me work. *I grin then, sticking my tongue out* You know you couldn't resist. You still find me too irresistable. *I turn a slow circle, beaming even more when I face him again.* This really is amazing Craig...thank you.

Craig: Well I was thinking about getting a shed put in, and looking at websites, and then I laughed at myself because of course there is no way I'm going to mar my buttersoft hands with gardening implements. But I saw this and thought it looked like a neat idea. A lot of people use them for offices if they work at home.

Orli: *I giggle* Your buttersoft hands eh? *I move forward to wrap my arms around his neck and snuggle for a moment* The idea of you on your knees weeding or something of the sort makes me smile though. Or maybe it's just the idea of you on your knees.... *I tease* ...and it's perfect, really. It's the best kind of gift, something you had no idea you actually wanted or needed until ...there it is and it's exactly the right thing. *I bump my forehead lightly against his* But that's part of why I love you...because you always just know. *I let one hand move up from his neck through his hair, nails dragging lightly over his scalp*

Craig: Ohh, evil...*I rest my forehead against his shoulders as his nails rake my scalp, melting against him* evil, evil. *slipping my hands under coat and shirt, I tickle his stomach lightly* Don't make me use these downy skinned hands for harm, now.

Orli: *I squeak and try to jump back when he starts tickling me* Hey! At least my brand of evil makes you feel really good, you just like to torture me with the tickling. No tickling on the birthday boy, my new rule. *I nod matter of factly, then move closer to him again suspiciously* You know what else I'd like to do today?

Craig: *I laugh at his suspicious look, holding my hands up, then clasping them behind my back, out of the way* If it involves jumping off high things or mortal danger of any sort then I warn you the answer will probably be no.

Orli: *I smile a bit, satisfied when he puts his hands behind his back. Going back to him, I kiss his lips lightly* No, it doesn't involve any of those things amazingly enough. I want you to dance with me. I don't mean at some noisey club--I don't care if it's inside with a cd player and something soft and slow. That's the kind of dancing I want--and don't you dare laugh at me! *I reach around him to pull his hands from behind his back*

Craig: *I hold out my hands to him and smile* I think I might be able to manage that. *It's a little stiff in coat and outdoor gear, though. I tilt my head towards the house* Inside?

Orli: *I take his hands, nodding a bit* Yes, let's go back into the house. We've plenty of time to break this place in later. I want to make the most of our time free of our guests. Not that I don't adore them, but... *I tug lightly on his hands*

Craig: Break it in? *I arch an eyebrow then wrap my arm round him, thinking he'd best wait til we've got more than a hard floor in there or the breaking will be literal* And you can pick the music. Do we have to dress up?

Orli: Yes, break it in...please don't tell me I need to elaborate? *I say with a knowing grin, leaning against him as we walk, already thinking about what music I want* Hmm...no, we don't have to dress up tonight. I'll save that for when you take me properly dancing out in public. Right now I want to be barefoot in the candlelight I think. Not clothes optional though, or we'll get distracted from the dancing...

Craig: God forbid. *I wink and squeeze his hand, pushing open the backdoor again with one leg twisted to keep Loki back* Candlelight and music, then...pick a CD and turn out the lights, I'll be back in a moment.

Orli: *I kneel down as Craig moves off to scratch behind Loki's ears and give him a bit of attention so he'll calm down a bit. Once the puppy is satisfied, I go over to our somewhat extensive CD collection and start looking through them. I chew on my lip thoughtfully as I try to make a decision, Loki bumping against my legs. Finally, I come across a CD that I'm not even sure how I came into possession of it--most likely from Viggo or something. It's jazz and I figure there has to be something on here that will work. I switch off the lights then put the CD in. I scan through the first few songs, then find one that's perfect and smile, waiting for Craig to return*

Craig: *We don't have many candles in the house, a few in the bedroom which I collect first, then I make a stop by the pantry and get te large emergency candles and a lighter, letting the flame kindle the wick of the first candle as I come back into the room, drawing the curtains and moving round, lighting the others in a circle.*

Orli: *I watch as he sets the candles out, sitting down to take off my shoes* Not too closely together, you know how I can be--we don't want my birthday to end with me aflame... *Once he is finished, I get up again and go over to him, kissing his cheek* You're so good to me baby.

Craig: I'd stop, drop and roll you, angel, anytime. *I wink and smile, wrapping my arms round his shoulders and pulling him close for a minute, holding him against me.* Happy birthday.

Orli: You just want a reason to grope me *I giggle, sliding my arms around his waist and snuggling against him, laying my head on his shoulder* Thank you. *I lift my head to look at him again* Can you believe we've celebrated two birthdays together now?

Craig: Yes I can. *I kiss his nose lightly, stepping in time with the slow bluesy music* You'll be as old as me, soon.

Orli: *I wrinkle my nose when he kisses it, grinning* Ah yes, but you'll still be older than I am. *I snigger softly, then kiss his lips as we move with the music* That's okay, I promise not to put you in an old folks home ever.

Craig: You can just buy me a stair lift and one of those baths that you sit in for my birthday, then. Ease my poor old back. *I hunch over a little as we dance, giggling*

Orli: And a cane? Would you like a cane? *I poke him gently in the sides as he hunches* But if anyone has the right to say my poor old back, it's me. *I poke his sides once more, then wrap my arms around him again* This was the perfect birthday, even if we aren't headed for a private island *I tease* Thank you. *I press a kiss against his neck*

Craig: You? you have one of the most pampered backs I know. *I run my fingers up and down his spine* All that physiotherapy, all the pills and potions and metal bits to hold it up. That back has it made. *I kiss his curls and close my eyes* I'm glad it made you happy, kitten.

Orli: *I laugh softly at that, then sigh in pleasure as his fingers move over my back, arching a bit* You make me happy, so it really should have been expected *I smile softly, then lay my head on his shoulder again, just listening to the music and enjoying dancing with him for now*
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