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Okay, this is being posted here and on the community, so no one has any excuse not to see it *chuckles*

Things have been pretty dead lately due to holidays and what not, but now it's time to get things livened up. I have at least one plot I'd like to do to get us all together, but before that can happen, it's time to see who is around and who isn't because I'm going to be adverting for the game.

EVERYONE needs to reply to this, or contact me privately. I need to speak to every single last one of you. No exceptions. You can reply to this post or the mail sent to the OOC community or you can email me or you can contact me on AIM: elvenorli. But you need to get with me in one of these ways.

You have until the end of this weekend (I'd like to advert this weekend, but seeing as how it's already Wednesday). If you do not contact me by then and you haven't posted recently, then you run a very high risk of having your character given to someone else, as I will put them as open when I advert. I'm not messing around here.

Also, this is the time for -anyone- that has -any- complaints to bring them to me--about how often your partner posts, the game, anything.

I also want anyone to give me any ideas for the game they have. The game's not dead, it's just hibernating :) And with some fresh blood and getting the old blood going again, we'll do fine.

Everyone needs to start posting once a week. And every two weeks that post needs to be an AIM chat. That's not a lot to ask...it can come in the form of a phone call if it has to. But if you guys aren't going to post or interact, then what is the point? We are all guilty of being quiet lately, I'm also taking the blame. So, we all need to work harder.

I look forward to hearing from everyone.

Orli'mun, Mod-Shaped-Person
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